Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bromo, I miss you!

This late morning, someone told me about a honeymoon trip to Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. This attracted me so much since I like Bromo and wait for the appropriate time and partner to go there for the second time. Hehe. In contrast, of course I wouldn't join such honeymoon trip because...yayaya I don't have a spouse yet :'( Anyway, its time will come soon. I believe it.

In order to fill my willingness to go to the beautiful mountain Bromo, I just wanna share some of its photos.. Unfortunately, I can't share mine which were taken some years ago when I visited the mountain. This is because I successfully deleted the files corrupted with the viruses!!

Well, these are the pictures showing one of  the great creations of Alloh, the Mountain of Bromo.