Wednesday, 11 April 2012

They Call Me Ms.Dessy ^_^

It's not only because I'm an English teacher but also as the colleagues at school where I teach at call me so.. Yap, it's nice to hear everybody call me so. I basically like to encourage people (my students, especially) to call me 'ms.dessy'.. It is to make them accustomed to call people with the right title. As the time goes on, I feel so comfortable with the 'title' that I use it as my username in some accounts ^__^

Moreover, other people who know my profession also call me with the same title. One example, a friend of my student called me so this evening..hehe. And I think there will be much more people call me with such title. Never mind, I'm glad to hear so.

Thus, people, please keep calling me ms.dessy...

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