Saturday, 17 March 2012

Little Surprise

As usual, today, I have a weekly meeting at school with all teachers. Special for today, I gave a presentation about questions for tourist since the school will hold a tourist hunting program next Saturday. Afterward, I listened to the principal -Mr. Rofik- telling some important information.

Finished with the meeting, I came back to my lovely desk; trying to accomplish my pending job. Few minutes beloved students entered the teachers' office and gave a present for each teacher, of course including me! Wow.

Actually it doesn't really surprise me since the students have often asked me about my favorite thing during the last few days. However, I was little bit surprised when finally I got it ;p.

Well, I got a funny green Kero-Keropi money box from them. Hehe, I think they want me to become richer than before :)) Besides, I got a red key keychain. Yap, the keychain is in the form of key; so where's the car or the house??

All in all, I was glad to have the little things from them. Whatever to say, through this present, I feel that I'm loved by them.. Am I? Just hope so. Haha.

Many thanks for Hikmah, Nabilla and Yuli.

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