Friday, 16 March 2012

Mid Test (again....)

Yeayy, it's already the middle of the second semester of the Academic Year 2011/2012. The students of SMPIT Islamia are now having the mid test (again ^_^). They do two parts of test; practical and written test. Hmm, how's the test? Are the students able to do the test well? All teachers and students of SMPIT Islamia hope so, of course.

Some strategies can be used to help students study better in order to achieve best scores. Here are the strategies:
  1. Prepare yourself to study. Don't forget to begin the study with a prayer so that Allah will ease you to catch the lesson.
  2. Maximize the learning time in/outside the classroom to get as much knowledge from the teachers and friends as possible. Use the opportunities to have discussions if there are some problems.
  3. Summarize the learning materials given by the teachers or learned during the learning process. One of the ways to summarize the material is by creating a mind map. Students can use many eye-catching colors as well as pictures to make it more interesting.
  4. Review the materials as often as possible. Don't wait until a night before the test because it can make you stressful. Besides, this way of study will not help you to do the test on the next day well.
  5. Study in group, especially for the difficult lessons. Invite your friends to have a group study to help you understand the materials.
Those strategies can be applied for all lessons. As long as you have strong desire and effort to study, Insya Allah you'll get the best score.

Well, are you ready to have the mid-test or other tests???

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