Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Introduction Time

First meeting in a lesson time often includes an introduction session both between the teacher and his/her students and among students. In order to execute an introduction session in a different way as well as to let students practicing language skill since the first meeting, I use this activity. For further info, let's check this out!


  1. A small ball/doll/thing that can be thrown.
  2. A book and a pen.


  1. Let the students decide their nick name and find some vocabularies/phrase/sentences which begin with the letters of their nick name. For example: if their nick name is MIA, the students can say, "I like Mango, I like Ice cream, and I want to go to Australia".
  2. Give example with your nick name. Then, require students to listen carefully and guess your name.
  3. Throw the ball/doll/the thing you prepared to a student randomly. The student getting the ball/doll/thing should stand/come forward the class and read their sentence(s). Afterward, let him/her to throw it again to another student.
  4. Get the other students to write the nick name they hear. At the end of the session, check the students' list and give appreciation for them.
  5. List all new vocabularies and discuss the meanings with the class.
Through this activity, all students will remember the vocabularies they have learned, learn to pronounce the vocabularies correctly, learn to listen to English vocabularies/phrases/sentences and get some new vocabularies. The most important thing, students will pass the introduction session with different way. Hope you and your students enjoy this activity! ^_^

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