Monday, 16 December 2013

These facts are real, yeah!

Some days ago, my college friend tagged me in a post requiring me to reveal some of myrandom facts. I wrote three of them although I could remember more. Since I think it’s an interesting way to remember my memories as well as to write my thoughts in English (for long time I haven’t done it), I decided to reveal the facts here. Enjoy!
  1. First thing first, I’m really afraid of cats and snakes! Any kind of them.
  2. I used to cry when seeing a dentist some years ago. Of course it’s because at that time she’s gonna pull my tooth.
  3. When I was child, I was afraid of ondel2 and a bride, yeah.
  4. I dislike durians but I like durian ice cream.
  5. I can ride a motorcycle but I’m not really brave and confidence to ride it.
  6. I used to become a student with the best scores (I think, hehe) in primary school.
  7. Alhamdulillah, I’m now working at school as a teacher, as I dream.
  8. I can be a friendly and unfriendly person at the same time. Huh, how come??
  9. I’m actually a selfish person, you know.
  10. I graduated from a Faculty of Languages and Arts, but ‘m not like to speak too much and not good at Arts.
  11. My husband-to-be has the same initial with me, D. :)
  12. I graduated from college after my seventh semester (earlier than the usual graduation time for scholar).
  13. I got a job (real job) at school even before I passed my graduation party.
  14. My brother got married and had a son before I was proposed. Huhu it was lil bit painful, but I’m grateful that I can learn more from his marriage.
  15. Insyaallah I’ll get married in a month when I (and my husband-to-be) was graduated three years ago. :)
Someday, I may add some points to these facts. Someday. Well, anyone wanna share yours?

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